Iam Sangini

We are called,

Sangini Logo

It is the translation of a 'companion' in Hindi, for that is who we truly are. Our passion lies in guiding our communities away from malnutrition and anaemia to a life worth cherishing.

Our Strife

Our Strife

Unlike several CSR initiatives, Project SuPoshan isn't a single initiative with only one point of action. It is an ecosystem of transformations that works on many fronts to deal with the larger enemy: Malnutrition & Anaemia.

Our efforts are then divided into phases

Familiarization of the project to the community we serve.

Identification of distress

Next step is to gather complete information by visiting individual houses and conducting anthropometric measurement to identify severity of malnourishment and anaemia

Medical Referrals

The Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) cases are transferred to nutrition rehabilitation centres.

Channeling Govt. Aid

Through family counselling and advocacy, government schemes are made accessible, accepted and expected.

Focus Groups

The most powerful tool to fight an epidemic is knowledge. Sanginis conduct in-depth focus-discussions with affected mothers and children on nutrition, hygiene, general health and several others


From nutritional recipes to hygiene protocols, constant demos keep the habits in check


Sanginis are handpicked from the communities and developed as an asset to create a change which can be sustained independently. This also empowers them immensely and make them self-reliant individual with high on confidence. They're developed to excel in various fields such as:

Stimulating behaviouralchange in communities

Promoting and delivering government schemes and services

Propagating curative & preventive means

Use of non-invasive technology

Easy & comprehensive teaching tools

Improving a family's ecosystem


Married women are normally known by their husband’s name in my village. But I have a new identity of being a SuPoshan Sangini. It is a joyful experience to learn new things through monthly training and transmit the same to girls and women through counselling and focus group discussion. My work as a SuPoshan Sangini changed many myths including ‘not breastfeeding’ a newborn immediately after birth. As a SuPoshan Sangini, I am able to prevent many children and young people to be trapped into malnutrition. I am proud to be a SuPoshan Sangini, which is a new way for my life. 

- Nisha Patel Age 35, Hazira Gujarat

Initially, I joined SuPoshan project for utilizing my education and free time but soon realised that the project is intensive and helps my community in need. I learned new things like survey, counselling and referral of severe cases. The training imparted by Project SuPoshan enhanced my communication abilities and knowledge of malnutrition. Now, I am respected by the elders of the village because of SuPoshan project. The referral of severe malnourished children and severe anaemia cases to district hospital is very fulfilling experience, as I see them becoming healthy. I look forward to make my village Bhendala SuPoshit village in coming 2 years.

- Mamta Sormore Age 31, Saoner Maharashtra